Carrie Cegelis, MS, LAc, LMT, BCST

Firefly Path: Illuminating the Way to Wholeness

On the Firefly Path, my role is to serve as a guide and bridge between our conscious and unconscious selves. The firefly appears in the liminal space of twilight, when our perception opens into our interior worlds, and offers glimpses of insight that, when followed with heart and dedication, lead us into the truth of ourselves. I help individuals to welcome all aspects of their experience and challenges as doorways into deep healing, to attune to their unique being, and to move out of stuck patterns into creative choices and freedom.
In sessions, this may take the form of coaching and guidance, developing internal resources and strengths, and working with limiting beliefs. It may take the form of acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, polarity therapy and other energy work. With these tools, we can work creatively with all manner of challenges, whether they present primarily on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual plane. Appointments may take place in person or via Zoom.